SEO short for Search Engine Optimization is a method that will rank a website within the search engine results – the better the SEO the higher the rankings in the searches! Here in Surfs Up SEO, a San Ramon SEO consulting company, we specialize in organic SEO services that we provide for our clients. Our methods of SEO are innovative in today’s constantly changing marketing world. We are the #1 San Ramon SEO Consulting agency that can help you rank for success!


Every company that has web presence needs an SEO consulting agency or specialist. Here’s why:

1. SEO is not simple
SEO methods aren’t as simple as reading a few posts on blogs and articles on the internet about SEO and then implementing them to your web presence. Having the right SEO strategy takes a large amount of knowledge base in order to be effective. Hiring an SEO expert that will implement the correct methods to best raise your online presence is necessary.

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(Cameron, Owner/Principal of Surfs Up SEO)

2. SEO experts save you time
Time is a scarce resource in the business world . If you or somebody from your organization were to do your SEO from scratch it will take a large amount of time, resources and research to keep up – consequently it may be a bit overwhelming. Why reinvent the wheel? Invest in a good search engine optimization consultant who will save you time which enables you to do what you can do best – work on your business!

3. Search Engine Optimization Consultants save you Money!
Since SEO experts save you time, in result hiring one will save you money. Hiring an SEO consultant will get you to your online marketing goals in the most efficient way possible.

4. Search engine algorithms change frequently
All search engines like Google use an algorithm in order to produce search results for their users. This algorithm constantly changes and occurs frequently. Without an expert on your team, you may not be aware of these changes or upgrades. An SEO specialist will keep you updated of these changes and implement them if applicable in order to better rank your website.

5. SEO methods need special optimization tools
In order to diagnose a website, an in-depth comprehension of website’s health needs to be analyzed – that’s where the tools come in. You have to understand what does or does not work to be able to enhance your SEO approach. SEO tools, applications and data stats are costly and difficult to utilize; an SEO expert will do the job for you.

6. SEO expertise is essential
Regardless of how hard one tries to enhance their SEO knowledge and techniques, if not an expert, it will be difficult to have the SEO know-how of a consulting agency. Having a consulting agency by your side will give you the confidence in knowing that someone knowledgeable is doing the work correctly and efficiently.

7. SEO experts supply you with quality competition research
Knowing who your competition is online will give you a better understanding of the market. Hiring a consultant will give you that knowledge base about understanding your competition. SEO Consultants will help you dominate and make all digital roads lead to you.

8. San Ramon SEO specialists provide you more targeted traffic that increases your bottom line
Targeting the right market, keywords and geographical areas is key to converting your visitors to paying customers. SEO experts can do that job for you. Therefore, this will not only increase your online presence, in result, it will also increase your potential bottom line. Think about what an increase of 5, 10, 100 or more clients a month can do for your business!

9. SEO experts increase your reliability and reputation
Attaining recognition and being seen as a reputable organization are two important secrets to achievement. An expert can guide you with the correct content optimization on site, strong social media optimization, customer reviews and reputation management. Your online branding is just as important!

10. Incorrect SEO methods may limit your site rankings
Finally, the website full of incorrect and black hat methods can be very damaging to a website’s ranking and brand. Without the correct methods of optimization, search engines can penalize your site, therefore negatively affecting your web presence. It will be very difficult for customers to find you.

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